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WATCH: Will Lincoln Riley or Tom Herman have the better first season?

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New coaches will lead the Big 12’s premier programs in 2017.

Tom Herman taking over the Texas Longhorns for 2017 wasn’t a huge shock considering the performance of his predecessor. Lincoln Riley taking over the Oklahoma Sooners? That’s another story.

Either way, both of the Big 12’s foremost programs will be led by new coaches this fall, which begs the question: Who will have the better first season?

Campus Insiders attempts to answer it:

Riley — just 33 — says he has a lot of confidence in the program, though he seems as shocked as everyone else he’s the head coach at OU.

At 42, Tom Herman is nearly a full decade older and, unlike his counterpart, has successfully worked as a head coach on the college level. Herman was the hottest name in the country this offseason, while Riley was seen as a rising star but not someone expected to lead a top team so soon.

Dylan McGorty (in the green) says Tom Herman will prove the better hire in the long run, but Riley is more likely to have a better 2017.

“Riley is stepping into a situation with that air-raid attack and he’s got a guy in Baker Mayfield that is very comfortable running it,” McGorty says, before adding that Mayfield could lock down a Heisman Trophy this year.

“For me, it’s really based on Baker Mayfield that I say Lincoln Riley will be more successful in year one,” says McGorty. “But I love Tom Herman in the long run.”