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Texas releases 2017 background schedule for mobile devices

The perfect graphic for those who just can't remember when the Longhorns play again.


Are you a Texas fan tired of Googling the Longhorns’ seemingly countless times leading up to and throughout the season? If so, you’re in luck.

Texas’ graphics department announced the release of lock screen graphic on Monday that features ‘Horns entire 2017 schedule. Finding out who and when the Longhorns play during the first season of the Tom Herman era is now as simple as the push of a button.

Not so surprisingly, a variety of Texas fans on Twitter replied to the post, noting the addition of the new 2017 background schedule to their own phones.

To get the background schedule for your mobile device, simply click the original image on Twitter and save it to your phone.

Boom! Now you have the Longhorns’ 2017 schedule with you every time you pull your phone out of your pocket.