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WATCH: Former Texas walk-on Garrett Graf awarded scholarship during magic performance

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Three years of hard work on the Forty Acres finally paid off for the former walk-on.

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Your average magic trick typically results in a card you picked being pulled from thin air or a seemingly endless stream of random cloths being retrieved from a hat. In the case of senior walk-on offensive lineman Garrett Graf, though, what came out of the hat during a magician’s performance in front of the team on Wednesday was earned and far more valuable — a scholarship.

“I really appreciate this guys; thank you, coach,” Graf said. “There’s a lot of guys here who deserve this just as much, if not more than I do, but I promise you guys I won’t let you down and I appreciate this more than you can possibly imagine.”

A fourth-year Longhorn out of South Grand Prairie, Graf spent his first two seasons on the sideline, although he did make an appearance last season in Texas’ week two victory over UTEP.

It remains to be seen if Graf will see the field again during his final fall on the Forty Acres, but regardless of whether he contributes to the team in games or just in practices, he’ll do so on scholarship.