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Report: Students will vote on reinstating Texas Longhorns vs. Texas A&M Aggies football game

Could this be a game-changer?

Texas v Texas A&M Photo by Darren Carroll/Getty Images

It has been six long years since the Texas Longhorns last met (and beat) the Texas A&M Aggies on the gridiron. But on Wednesday, UT-Austin students will apparently have their say on bringing the rivalry back.

Per KRV News, a student-run newscast, a university-wide vote on whether or not to reinstate the rivalry will be held Wednesday, Sept. 27.

Student Body President Alejandrina Guzman and Vice President Micky Wolf both say they’ve spoken with university leadership and will deliver the results to key to decision makers including the school’s president and athletic director.

Whether the results of the survey make a difference is yet to be seen.

Looking to vote? Visit from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. tomorrow (provided you’re a student, that is).

The rest of us will have to discuss it among ourselves...