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Texas DT Keondre Coburn gets back at former OU quarterback Baker Mayfield

A year ago Mayfield took to social media to share his opinion on the defensive tackle’s decision to commit to Texas. On Saturday, Coburn replied in kind.

Oklahoma v Texas Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

A year ago when Keondre Coburn committed to the Texas Longhorns, he made a promise to beat the Oklahoma Sooners. Fiery former Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield had words for the high school senior.

The offending tweet from Coburn? Nothing too egregious, for sure. Just a goal.

Mayfield eventually deleted the tweet, presumably after realizing that it wasn’t a good look to attack a recruit who just wanted the best for his class and his team.

Now, Coburn wanted to remind Mayfield of his words and prove he fulfilled his promise.

Shhh, indeed.

Here’s guessing that Mayfield doesn’t have anything to say about the Texas victory from his new home in Cleveland.

The Golden Hat belongs to Texas. This t-shirt can belong to you. The victory will live forever.