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Tom Herman provides injury update on Texas CB Davante Davis, DE Breckyn Hager, DE Marqez Bimage

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Multiple Longhorns suffered injuries in the loss to West Virginia.

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Texas Bethany Hocker-USA TODAY Sports

On just the second play of the Texas Longhorns 42-41 loss to the West Virginia Mountaineers, starting cornerback Davante Davis injured his left shoulder on a tackle before walking off the field unable to move it. Following the game, Texas head coach Tom Herman announced that the senior suffered a shoulder and neck sprain.

Starting defensive end Breckyn Hager went down to the turf with a right elbow injury on the second drive of the game, which Herman has now said has been diagnosed as a dislocated elbow.

Backup defensive end Marqez Bimage saw extended time in Hager’s absence and he, too, went out with what has now been diagnosed as a dislocated shoulder.