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Caden Sterns drops the perfect Texas A&M takedown on National Signing Day

The headliner of the ‘Horns 2018 class isn’t fooled by the hype surrounding Texas A&M.


When the great debate of Texas vs. Texas A&M arises, as it does virtually every day on message boards and platforms such as Twitter, one of the more consistent rebuttals from the Aggies end will be something along the lines of, “but we play in the SEC.”

Well, so do Vanderbilt, Kentucky, and Arkansas, but don't let that deter you from the fact that Texas A&M is a proud member of the SEC, and in the minds of some, being middle-of-the-road in what’s become a top-heavy conference is enough vindication for stepping out from under big brother’s shadow and departing from the Big 12.

Texas defensive back Caden Sterns isn’t caught up with the hype in College Station, though, and the headliner of the ‘Horns 2018 class took to Twitter to express why Texas A&M is “weak.”

When it comes to Twitter, Sterns has been among the more vocal members of Texas’ 2018 class, especially when it comes to recruiting or praising the future of the program.

That was evident just days ahead of National Signing Day, as well, as Sterns’ Twitter pitch to three-star outside linebacker Vernon Jackson, who will choose between Texas and Texas A&M on Wednesday, was answered with, “Natty? I’m dead” by Texas A&M safety pledge Leon O’Neal Jr., who has been an equally as active representative for the Aggies on Twitter.

It seems as if Sterns got the best of that exchange, as well.

Since joining the SEC, Texas A&M is 51-26, but when it comes to SEC play, the Aggies are narrowly above .500 at 25-23.

But yes, as Sterns noted, “SEC, SEC.”