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Big 12 to distribute $364.9 million in conference revenue

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Each Big 12 team will receive $36.5 million, which doesn't include Tier 3 rights.

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The Big 12 is set to distribute a conference record $364.9 million to its 10 league members for the fiscal year, Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby announced on Friday.

Split amongst each of the league’s 10 representatives, this amounts to $36.5 million for each Big 12 school, which places the league third among Power 5 conferences.

The Pac-12 and ACC are set to receive $30.9 million and $26.6 million, respectively. The Big Ten and SEC still rank ahead of the Big 12 in terms of revenue. More notably, unlike other conferences, this $36.5 million figure does not include Tier 3 revenue, such as ESPN’s Longhorn Network, which generates an average of $15 million per year for the University of Texas. Tier 3 revenue consists of local earnings, including television broadcasts and radio.

“I imagine you guys spend more time making those comparisons than we do,” Bowlsby said. “We spend way more time trying to figure out football, basketball and baseball games than we do comparing our finances to other conferences.”

Last year, each Big 12 member received $34.3 million, so the updated distribution will mark a 6.4 percent increase, courtesy of the Big 12 Championship game, which reportedly provided the league with an addition #30 million in revenue.