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Post-game commiseration thread: Maryland 34, Texas 29

The Longhorns had multiple chances to win late, but end opportunity ended with a turnover.

NCAA Football: Texas at Maryland Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

For the second time in as many seasons, the Texas Longhorns season begins with a loss to the Maryland Terrapins.

The contest was a bit closer this time around, especially following the first quarter. After falling behind 24-7, the Longhorns pieced together a 22-0 run to take a 29-22 lead — their first of the afternoon — but it was all Maryland from that point.

After Maryland answered Texas’ touchdown with one of its own to open the fourth quarter and recapture the lead, 31-29, and ultimately, add to its lead with a field goal, Texas was presented with numerous opportunities to take control when it mattered most.

The first attempt? A Sam Ehlinger interception?

The second attempt following a Maryland three-and-out? A Tre Watson fumble.

The third attempt following yet another Maryland three-and-out? Yet another Ehlinger interception, and this one effectively sent Texas to 0-1.

This is your post-game commiseration thread.