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Business as usual for Texas as they prepare for USC

Head coach Tom Herman said in his weekly address Monday that the Longhorns are focusing on 1-0 against the Trojans.

NCAA Football: Tulsa at Texas Jamie Harms-USA TODAY Sports

After the Texas Longhorns came out and hung a quick 21 points on the Tulsa Golden Hurricane, it looked as if they had put the struggles of the season opener behind them.

Then the comeback started and things seemed to be unraveling yet again.

The Longhorns managed to hold off the Golden Hurricane, but the buzz in the media and social media didn’t focus on the win, but the slim margin of victory over a Group of Five team. Texas head coach Tom Herman believes that a key to success this week is focusing on the game in front of you and nothing else.

“I think our guys have done a really, really good job of blocking out all of the noise,” Herman said in his weekly media address. “I think our guys realize, understand that every week is a process of improvement.”

This week, as Texas faces the USC Trojans and heads into the toughest stretch of its schedule, the team must keep a renewed focus on one of Herman’s cultural cornerstones.

“I think you handle it in how you’ve established your culture, which for us our number one pillar of our program is to go 1-0,” Herman said. “I would be shocked if I asked players if there’s guys thinking about the next week and the next week and the next week and they told me yes.”

But outside of cultural axioms, regardless of the score the previous week or who is on the schedule, it’s business as usual for the Longhorns as they head into a pivotal Week 3 matchup.

“Whether we win by 50, whether we lose, whether we win by a touchdown, we need to be critical of ourselves. What can we get better at, because we always want to be improving, we never want to be stagnant,” Herman said. “The margin of victory, the weather you did win or lose, all of that, it’s still Sunday morning. We’re going to wake up and say what could we have done better?”