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SB Nation debuts the FanPulse Preseason Top 25

The fans voted, and thus, the SB Nation FanPulse Preseason Top 25 makes its debut.

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SB Nation

How much do fans matter on a fan-driven network like SB Nation? They mean everything. It’s a network with the founding conceit of giving fans voices to communicate with other fans. Ideally, at the end of it everyone is an expert, doing away with the type of lowest-common denominator approach that defined traditional sportswriting for so many generations

In that spirit, SB Nation debuts the FanPulse Top 25, an attempt to quantify and bring together the knowledge of fans to produce a more meaningful poll by allowing the people who may actually watch more football than the people on specific beats to weigh in with that knowledge.

Does the AP consistently hate Texas? Give Oklahoma and, ahem, SEC schools too much love? Do the so-called experts have too much influence? Now you have a national platform to share those views and a community in which to discuss them.

Many of you have already spoken and the preseason votes are in.

Is Texas back? The fans say so, at least entering the season. Will the much-anticipated Texas-LSU matchup still be a top-10 showdown once Sept. 7 arrives? You be the judge.

SB Nation

If you haven’t already, be sure to SIGN UP HERE to receive a vote in the poll, a chance to make your voice heard across the country, and all of the SB Nation communities.

You’ll then receive a Top 25 ballot each week and participate in a 1-2 question survey so that we can respond to your opinions and experiences if any part of this process needs improvement.

Then we’ll publish the weekly results right here on BON.

As fans, you have a voice, and that voice means everything at SB Nation. So why not use that voice to help create a truly unique fan experience?