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LOOK: Longhorn Network trolls LSU, bundles up to broadcast from visitors’ locker room

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Can someone get some heaters over to the visitors’ lockers room at NRG, stat?

Twitter: @LonghornNetwork

The temperature in the Texas Longhorns’ visitors locker rooms quote clearly weren’t to LSU’s liking, prompting a week-long debacle with claims that the A/C wasn’t working, which the University of Texas has since debunked with an official report, per Horns 247, detailing that the temperature remained between 68 and 74 degrees.

“Fellas, how are we feeling?” Longhorn Network host and commentator Lowell Galindo asked Fozzy Whittaker, Dan Neil, and Michael Griffin. “Cold,” the group answered.

For as much hype and attention that the Texas-LSU game demanded, both before and afterwards given that the game was nothing short of an instant classic, the fact that A/C gate became a very real thing and was taken to such extreme heights is, in and of itself, comical.

So, of course the Longhorn Network crew had to have bit of fun with it before the entire topic (hopefully) gets buried and left in the past.