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WATCH: Tensions flare between LSU, Texas during pregame

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Unsurprisingly, things are getting chippy in Austin.

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Texas and LSU aren’t traditional rivals, but you could never tell based upon the tensions flooding the field between the two storied programs prior to their top-10 showdown.

Nearly an hour before kickoff, several members of each team came together for some not-so-friendly conversation, needing to be separated.

Following the first incident, another brief exchange took place, and this time around, it appears that members of the LSU staff were among those getting into the faces of Texas players and needing to be held back.

And this all took place after LSU players decided that the water on the Texas sidelines tasted better than what they had available on their side of the field.

And, of course, the pregame tension and chatter couldn’t be complete without some note of outside linebacker K’Lavon Chaisson, who after saying earlier this week that Texas quarterback Sam Ehlinger wasn’t much of a threat and that Texas doesn’t have a chance, had to be pulled away from the Longhorns’ sideline.

Chaisson was among the LSU players that took to the Texas sideline for a sip of fresh water.

As the Minister of Culture himself, Matthew McConaughey, said during College GameDay, it’s going to be a bloody battle, and the pre-game chatter certainly seems to indicate that his prediction will be on point.

Buckle up, folks. This one should be fun.