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BON Roundtable: Texas hosts Kansas in hopes of snapping four-game skid

Someone has to win, right?

NCAA Football: Kansas at Texas Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports

Texas football has seen better days.

Entering the final quarter of the regular season, the Texas Longhorns have slumped to 4-5 overall behind a four-game losing streak. In any case, there’s still three games to play, so the BON staff discussed where Texas goes from here, how they can get back into the win column, and more.

The season is effectively lost after four-straight losses, but 2022 is right around the counter. So, as the focus naturally turns to the future, what can Texas do throughout the rest of the season that can carry over into the offseason?

Seahorn — Getting younger players as much as experience as possible while also maintaining their redshirt status. It’s important to get the the young nucleus of talent as many reps as possible against live bullets before heading into the spring portion of the calendar.

Gerald — While the big goals are still off the table, the way that the team finishes out the year will determine the trajectory for the next several years. If Texas can close out the year with a strong showing, With players now seemingly buying into the culture, on-field performance for the rest of the year gives you tangible culture change you can sell to the players you’re trying to bring in via the transfer portal as well as the next two recruiting cycles. If they can hit on crucial pieces, showing improvement on the field generates momentum and raises the tide.

Cody — Well, you still want to win. 7-5 and potentially 8-5 with a bowl win — and all those extra practices — is a far better outcome than the alternatives, especially since Texas needs every bit of momentum it can manage entering the offseason. As for now, there’s a delicate balance between playing the best players who have earned starting roles and finding opportunities for the younger guys who need to develop, but the focus has to be in the future, so I’d expect to see some younger prospects hit the field the next few weeks.

As most now know, the cherry atop the losing sundae was defensive line coach Bo Davis’ profanity-laced rant, urging some players to enter the transfer portal. The response on social media has been overwhelmingly positive, but what impact do you see that having on the actual team going forward?

Seahorn — I’d hope it would carry over to the field in a positive way, but at this point I’m from Missouri when it comes to anything performance wise with this team.

Gerald — It’s easy to get caught up in the delivery, but Coach Davis was offering a very simple message to the team: Get on board with the culture or find a new place to play. No matter how good the seed you put down, weeds in the yard will choke it out if left unchecked. If the speech has the desired impact, it both creates addition by subtraction, as well as gives you a core to build around.

Cody — Kansas won’t be a great measuring stick because it’s Kansas, but I’d at least hope to see a team that plays with a little more will and focus the rest of the season. But, as Gerald said, I think the impact will be some roster turnover as the staff starts to really emphasize the culture, and those who weren’t bought in could become an addition by subtraction.

Texas wins if…

Seahorn — Texas shows up and executes the game plan like they are capable of doing and plays a full 60 minutes.

Gerald — The new wide receivers can gain some separation and allow Texas to capitalize on explosive plays. KU is very suspect against a deep threat, so if Xavier Worthy or Kelvontay Dixon can use their speed to create separation it should be a long day for the Jayhawks.

Cody — They don’t forget how to play football in the second half.

Prediction time: Does Texas beat Kansas to win its first name in nearly a month and a half?

Seahorn — Texas wins, but I’m still anticipating some execution issues that will likely frustrate fans and coaches alike.

Gerald — Dear Lord I hope so. I think 30.5 points is a TON of points, but I do see Texas winning this game by at least 21 points.

Cody — Texas wins, but it’s closer than fans would probably like. 31-21 Longhorns.

Texas football is far from the biggest event of the day with Chris Beard’s No. 5 Longhorns visiting No. 1 Gonzaga. Does Texas get the upset on the road?

Seahorn — I’m feeling frisky, so I’m calling Texas getting the W on the road.

Gerald — This is a tough one. Gonzaga brought back Drew Timme and added future lottery pick Chet Holmgren to the mix as well. Are they a legit No. 1 team in the country, but is Texas legitimately the No. 5 team in the country?

Cody — I’d feel more confident if Dylan Disu was ready to go, but I think Timme and Holmgren are going to give Texas plenty of problems. Texas’ depth, especially on the perimeter, keeps it close, but Gonzaga’s offensive efficiency lets them escape, 79-73.