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WATCH: Former Texas RB D’Onta Foreman appears in NGeniuss ‘Young & Gifted’ music video

The newest Texans back makes a musical cameo.

Former Texas Longhorns star and new Houston Texans running back D’Onta Foreman is a busy man.

He’s been working all offseason to get picked in the NFL Draft and, with that goal accomplished, now looks to become a success in the league.

But that's not all he’s doing. D’Onta and brother Armanti Foreman both feature in the new music video for a song called “Young & Gifted” by Texas-based rap group Ngeniuss:

Not only does Foreman feature prominently, the song begins with clips of pundits analyzing his draft stock and most of the video takes place at a gym and a high school football stadium.

In case you’re wondering, Ngeniuss is a four-member group describing itself thusly: “Crafted out of the heart of Texas, we are a music collective dedicated to enlightening the masses through intellectual lyrics and soul capturing vibes.”

What do you think of the tune?