LOOK: Texas players see new locker room for first time

Texas Sports

During the “Stars at Night” recruiting event in late July, high school prospects were allowed access to the new Texas Longhorns locker room, but the current players hadn’t been allowed in by head coach Tom Herman.

Until Wednesday evening, that is.

Here’s a look at how things came together following the construction of lockers that cost nearly $10,000 apiece and feature massive 43-inch screens above them with player highlights and bios:

Were the players excited? Let’s go ahead and say that the players were excited:

And the award for most visibly excited player goes to the always-energetic Kris Boyd.

The picture has already gone viral on the Longhorn interwebs:

Boyd is having some fun with it as well:

Former standout Quandre Diggs seemed a little bit sad that the locker room wasn’t renovated while he still had eligibility remaining:

Several players, like PJ Locke III, compared the new lockers to the previous versions that were demolished back in April:


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