Bevo’s Daily Roundup: Rumor mill says Kansas’ move to the Big Ten is ‘imminent’

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Realignment season wouldn’t be realignment season without a swirl of rumors.

Then again, realignment season wouldn’t be realignment season at all without the Texas Longhorns and Oklahoma Sooners recently announcing their intent to join the SEC.

But rumors are gonna rumor, and the latest rumor churning out of the mill is that the Kansas Jayhawks’ move to join the Big Ten Conference is “imminent,” according to so-called sources.


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Wait why is the picture of K State?

Is it because everyone is going to forget about them so we’re trying to memorialize them this one special time so they don’t become completely lost in the annals of collegiate athletics history?

Oh, I think K St. will be remembered

as being about equal to Texas in head-to-head competition. Kansas St. is 10 – 11 in their 21 games with Texas.

Sorta like Texas fans remembering aggy by the last game.


I remember nothing

You forgot about

Texas yet?

I poignantly remember...

…K-State under Bill Snyder giving Mack fits. Granted, it weren’t as egregious as the OU horsefuckings we sustained under his watch, but it was definitely another less than stellar aspect of that regime.

I always wondered how and why

it was more important for Kansas St. players to beat Texas than it was for Texas players to get motivated to beat K St. It’s losses like that, and to teams like Maryland, that keep Texas with a ‘soft’ reputation, easily trolled, at-will, by others.

IMO, that attitude by Texas players is the origin of the "We’re Texas," idiocy.

It certainly doesn’t matter how fired up and prepared the fans are for a game. It’s the arrogant, underperforming, long list of little shit-heads patting themselves on the back for being at Texas. Just as easy for a player to get laid playing for a 7-6 team as it is a 12-0 team.

Now that I think about it, easier.

The team gets the ‘W’ or ‘L’ and exaggerated celebrity regardless.

Fans just have to live with it.

Dude, is everything okay at home?

You never wondered why

Texas has about an evenly split series record with Kansas St.?

All’s fine on the urban front. Thanks for asking.

Bill Snyder

Mystery solved

Arguably Snyder was the best coach in CFB.

He did more with less by keeping it simple and on the ground eating clock and defensive repetitions. He knew dazzle does not guarantee wins.

I used to love watching the Huskers run the option when every opponent knew what was coming and couldn’t stop it. That game against Miami was a thing of beauty.

Maybe I’m misremembering but I think those K-State teams in the 90s had more offensive flash and razzle-dazzle than the Huskers

There's always Army, Navy and Georgia Southern

Not pure flex, but close enough for gov’t work

Georgia Tech?

Not since Paul Johnson retired at the end of 2018

Our coaches have been either bad or overrated.

The players’ attitudes trickle down from the soft and/or dumb coaches.

Minor correction, but still awesome...

Crouser set the new Olympic Record (multiple times) in the finals, but did not best his own World Record that he set last month in Oregon.

Nonetheless, the way he continues to improve and expand what is even possible in this event is awesome. Hook ‘Em, Ryan and let’s go for the first ever back-to-back-to-back Threepeat Gold in Paris in 3 years!

Crouser is an amazing athlete, in the company of giants.

I read that Kansas thing yesterday and was like this sounds promising,

until I got to the part where Vernon was in a back and forth on twitter convo and finally said no one said it was imminent and admitted "if the message boards are correct" it might happen. So here’s a radio guy scouring message boards and coming up with "KU to the B1G is imminent". It would be nice if it were credible but unfortunately he never named an actual source as far as I could tell yesterday.

Of course it's imminent

Did you see they have a new airport terminal!!!???

Lol, who knows maybe that marketing strategy will work after all.

KC’s new terminal might even be as big as the one in Des Moines now, which is bad news for Iowa State.

That airport is the worst in the entire country and it isn't even close

it’s a stain on humanity and they still haven’t figured out post 9/11 security protocols.

I once made the mistake of ordering Tex-Mex in the Kansas City Airport

I had only been outside of Texas for 48 hours and was about to catch a flight back so I don’t know what they fuck I was thinking. I may have been drunk.

In any event it was utterly horrible and I still feel shame to this day

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