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Morning Coffee: Recruiting Notes

Some tidbits from the recruiting trail to get your morning started right.

Bud Elliott

Horns_bullet_mediumCollins set to announce. 2013 Livingston athlete Chevoski Collins is set to announce his decision this morning at 10 am CST at his high school. Though Collins did not visit Texas for the West Virginia game, does believe that he will become a Longhorn ($) on Monday.

If not Texas, it does appear that Oklahoma could be the choice in what appears to be a now-rare head-to-head recruiting battle for a top Texas prospect. Collins had visited Norman for the Kansas State game, but there is some question about whether he was at the West Virginia game, as there are differing reports.

The other two schools in the mix for Collins are Oklahoma State and Baylor.

Horns_bullet_mediumTreadwell down to five. And the Longhorns didn't make the cut. Hard to believe, huh? Well, not really, since Texas hasn't bothered to offer to the four-star prospect who is rated as among the top 30 prospects in the country by the 247Sports composite.

His top five, which he told Rivals is his "final five," ($) is Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Ole Miss, Michigan State, and Michigan. In another interview with 247Sports ($), Treadwell said that he is still considering Texas, Missouri, and Notre Dame.

The Longhorns have a decision to make with wide receiver recruiting in 2013 and after not making the final five for Treadwell, if it is indeed the final list and not as fluid as he made it seem in the 247Sports interview, it's time to either offer him or stop recruiting him. Treadwell did say that he likes the Texas offense, but needs to gather more information about the school.

Another visit to Oxford will go down next weekend, his second of the year after seeing the Longhorns dismantle the Rebels, with trips to Oklahoma and Oklahoma State planned as well. Treadwell made the short trip to Chicago last weekend to see Notre Dame take down Miami.

Horns_bullet_mediumTexas back in front for Benenoch. Despite dropping Texas from their long-time position as his leader following the Texas A&M-Florida game, the big offensive guard prospect from Katy Seven Lakes now has the Longhorns back out in front, according to multiple reports.

Here's what Benenoch told about the gameday experience:

The game was out of control. It was awesome. It was absolutely amazing. I don't know if DKR is always like that, but it's the best I've ever seen.

The answer to the question is that DKR is not always like that, and is in fact rarely like that, which Benenoch may determine when he comes back for another game, which he says he intends to do.

Horns_bullet_medium'Horns got needed A'Shawn Robinson visit. Rather buried in a Horns Nation piece on West Virginia players talking trash to Texas fans and recruits during and after the game was the information that 2013 Fort Worth Arlington Heights defensive tackle A'Shawn Robinson was not only present for the West Virginia game, but was vocal in supporting the team to which he is currently pledged.

And while Robinson won't have a chance to play against Mountaineer quarterback Geno Smith, as he reportedly promised to do, class bellow Jake Raulerson reported the following exchange ($):

He said ‘Geno, I’ll see you next year.’ He was having a great time. I asked him if he was going to come to Texas. He said, ‘Yeah, don’t worry about it.’

Not the definitive statement on what will happen with Robinson, as there are still two more official visits planned to Alabama and USC, but certainly a positive sign that Robinson was not only in attendance, but seemed to be invested in the Texas cause.