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JUCO QB Nick Marshall commits to Auburn

It appears that the decision by the Texas Longhorns to offer Garden City CC quarterback Nick Marshall was in large part fueled by Case McCoy's uncertain future following his suspension and the investigation into allegations of sexual assault.

McCoy was reinstated to the team on Sunday evening, nearly simultaneous to reporting that Texas had backed away from Marshall ($), who committed to Auburn in a relatively surprising move on Monday morning, as Indiana had been considered the most significant challenger to Texas. Marshall, of course, started his college football career in the SEC at Georgia and played his high school football in Georgia as well.

An official visit from Marshall had been scheduled for January 18th.

The Longhorns enter the spring with five scholarship quarterbacks on the roster for the first time since 2002, so it never made much sense to take Marshall if there wasn't going to be any other attrition. With McCoy and all the other quarterbacks coming back, it seems that the Texas coaches ended up agreeing on that point.