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A'Shawn Robinson visits Alabama, but no one really knows how it went

If a commit visits a school and nothing about the trip gets beyond a paywall, did the visit really happen?

A'Shawn Robinson (right) learned from the best at The Opening
A'Shawn Robinson (right) learned from the best at The Opening
Wescott Eberts (SB Nation)

So, 2013 Fort Worth Arlington Heights defensive tackle A'Shawn Robinson visited Alabama last weekend to spend time with head coach Nick Saban and learn more about the Crimson Tide program and players.

But there hasn't been any news beyond the paywalls about how the visit went -- no significant tweets, no premium articles on the visit. No comments from Robinson or his mother, except a brief word to ESPN's William Wilkerson that now resides in the Horns Nation forum. Beyond that, some small stuff from sources.

And even if Robinson were talking, he would probably say the same things that he has been -- that he's communicating with the staff, he's still 100% committed to the Longhorns, and just wants to look around.

About the Alabama visit, he would probably say he enjoyed getting to know Saban and the program better, all in very few words because Robinson is a man of few words when it comes to the media.

Of course Robinson would say it went well. He met with the arguably the best coach in college football and saw a school filled with tradition and backed by some of the most rabid fans on the planet. A program that actually competes for a national championship every year instead of talking about getting back to a point where that could possibly happen.

From the perspective of things that are actually knowable, it's impossible to say how much things changed. Robinson's still committed to Texas, he's still going to take his final official visit to Austin next weekend, and the fact that the Longhorn staff gets the final say and has the advantage of proximity will weigh heavily in favor of the school to which Robinson has been committed to for nearly a year now.

And that is your non-update update. You're welcome.