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Star RB Leonard Fournette visiting Texas

The 'Horns hosted one of the top players in the entire country on Thursday.

Leonard Fournette visiting Texas
Leonard Fournette visiting Texas
via @_fournette

The Texas Longhorns already have two pledges at the running back position in the 2014 class, but that hasn't stopped them from pursuing New Orleans (La.) St. Augustine star Leonard Fournette, who made his way to Austin on Thursday.

Ranked as the second-best prospect nationally, the five-star prospect may be in town for the Texas Relays this week and it's unclear at this time whether he will stay for the spring game, but the key is that the Texas staff has been trying to get him on campus for some time, but were not able to do so for a Junior Day.

Instead, Fournette is likely receiving more individual attention than he would be at a bigger event, as he is likely the only high-profile visitor in town, with most of the others set to arrive Friday or Saturday.

And just as the services were working to confirm whether or not Fournette had followed up on a tweet from Wednesday saying that he was set to head to Austin, the Louisiana product confirmed his presence by tweeting out a picture of the stadium:

Hours later, presumably after meeting with the staff and touring the Texas facilities, Fournette tweeted out the following:

With no other comments available from Fournette via his Twitter feed, fans will be left to analyze what the heck it means that his only description of the picture is "huh" and the fact that he's throwing up the peace sign instead of his horns.

Maybe none of it means anything.

What is important is that Fournette made it to campus and received some one-on-one time with the coaches, especially new running back coach Larry Porter, who has those deep ties to Louisiana after spending years at LSU and is leading the push the Longhorns are making in the Bayou State.

The odds are still high that the fast and powerful back will end up in the SEC, most likely LSU or Alabama, but visits are almost universally positive, so the 'Horns have a better shot with Fournette now after Thursday's visit than they did on Wednesday, even if it's still not a particularly significant chance at all.