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Texas Longhorns recruiting: Erik Huhn interview

The Cibolo Steele product discusses his recruitment and preparations for his time at Texas.

Stacy Revere

One of the surprising offers that went out in the class of 2013 was the one extended to Cibolo Steele safety after a strong performance at a summer camp. Despite offers from the likes of Georgia, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and TCU, Huhn committed on the spot to become a Longhorn.

After a knee injury sustained during an interception on the second defensive play of his senior season, the 6'2, 205-pounder has been working on recovering from the ACL tear he suffered.

Special contributor Evan Massey spoke with Huhn for BON recently.

Q. What made you sign with the Longhorns? What draws convinced you they were right for you?

A. It's always been a dream of mine to play for the Longhorns since I'm from Texas. They have such a great tradition and it's only 45 minutes from my hometown so my family and friends can always see me play and stuff.

Q. What were you expecting when you went to the Texas camp last summer? What do you think you did to earn the offer?

A. Well, coach Akina and I had been in contact alot. He had come to my school to recruit me but he wanted to see if I could play man coverage before they offered me and since we don't really do that at my school, he asked if I could come to the camp. So I went to the camp and showed him what he wanted to see.

Q. What position do you expect to be used at during your career?

A. I expect to play safety.

Q. What would you tell fans who aren't familiar with you to expect from you on the field?

A. Just a player who like to come and hit the ball carrier but also can cover. But most importantly someone who will always work hard and give it my best.

Q. What is your current workout routine?

A. I have a personal trainer I work out with and we lift and then UT sent me a workout routine for running and conditioning.

Q. Do you have a career highlight? Maybe one play or game that stands out to you?

A. My favorite play would have to be an interception in the endzone against a QB who went to Oklahoma, in the 4th round of the playoffs my junior year. [editor's note: That would be Reagan's Trevor Knight.]

Q. What is going to be the biggest difficulty for you making the jump from high school to college football?

A. Just the speed of the game probably. Every player is a good player.

Q. Have you become close with any of your new Texas teammates at all?

A. Not really. I've talked to a few guys sometimes, but that's about it.

Q. If you were speaking to a young football player with dreams of playing D1 football, what would you tell them to do?

A. Just to focus on the game. Focus on the way you play. Don't get caught up in recruiting and rankings because if you play well the college coaches will find you and offer scholarships and all that good stuff.