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Tennessee LB Cecil Cherry sends out string of Texas-related tweets

The physical inside linebacker from Florida may be ready to ride.

Cecil Cherry
Cecil Cherry
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As the Texas Longhorns look to an at least one true inside linebacker to the 2015 recruiting class, it appears increasingly likely that the staff could land a signature from current Tennessee Volunteers commit Cecil Cherry, a product of Lakeland (Fla.) Victory Christian.

Not only did Cherry visit for the West Virginia game, but he also told Scout that Texas was his "dream school" growing up:

cecil cherry meme

While at least one Tennessee fan believes that the comments aren't anything to worry about and that recruits make those type of comments after every visit, prospects don't actually make such statements after every visit and many are reluctant to announce a childhood affinity so strongly. And rarely are the comments about a trip so effusive.

Then, on Monday night and into Tuesday morning, Cherry sent out a series of Texas-related tweets:

Then, a local Twitter account covering football in Polk County sent out a speculative tweet wondering if Cherry is going to flip his commitment to Texas in the near future, to which Cherry responded, "February 5, just wait on it."

From the sound of it, Cherry may be waiting to make an official decision on National Signing Day, but is merely off by a day -- the actual date for NSD this February is on the 4th.

Until that time, it's possible that the way Tennessee fans handle themselves on Twitter could be a consideration in his decision. After visiting Austin and declaring that Texas was his dream school, things apparently haven't gone that well, with the "Hook em" tweet likely sparking some outrage:

Volunteers fans are known are some of the most outspoken on Twitter, which is not an insignificant accomplishment, so it's not surprising that they would turn on a current commit.

Longhorns fans have also been sharing some edits with him that he sent out on Tuesday morning:

The last one may be the most significant, perhaps even indicating that Cherry has already made up his mind about switching his commitment, but wants to wait to do it on National Signing Day.

So is this simply a case of a prospect trying to attract attention from Texas fans and poke the Tennessee fans that have increasingly been turning on him?

The industry doesn't seem to think so, as a flurry of predictions for the Longhorns in Cherry's 247Sports Crystal Ball came in on Tuesday morning -- seven in all to push Texas to 88% there, with the lone dissenting projection an old one for Florida before he committed to Tennessee in June.

Increasingly, it looks as if it's a matter of when, not if, Cherry makes the flip to Texas and there may now even be an answer for when.

let's ride