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Texas RB target Chris Warren calls official visit "down right amazing"

The Longhorns may have been able to increase their lead with the big, speedy running back over the weekend.

Chris Warren at the Dallas NFTC in 2013
Chris Warren at the Dallas NFTC in 2013
Wescott Eberts (SB Nation)

In advance of three official visits planned for January, the Texas Longhorns had a chance to make an impression on Rockwall running back Chris Warren during his official visit over the weekend.

According to several reports and Warren's Twitter account, the visit was a success:

He also provided the following description to ESPN:

Like the three official visitors last weekend, Warren and Texas offensive line commit Garrett Thomas took a tour of the Longhorn Network while on campus:

More important than the trip to the studios, however, the weekend provided a chance for the coaching staff to further sell the academics and academic support system at Texas, a major key since those aspects have been one of the most important factors in Warren's eventual Signing Day decision for some time.

Head coach Charlie Strong's track record in those areas is impressive and Texas certainly does not lack for resources, so those areas should continue to help the Longhorns.

And since Warren hadn't been on campus since the spring, the visit also provided an important opportunity for the big running back to get to know the staff better and for the staff to sell him on his fit in the Texas offense.

So far, it seems that the visit was a success, as the tweet from Warren is a little bit more effusive than most in similar circumstances.

As a result, it seems reasonable to speculate that the visit could have increased the lead Texas is perceived to have on his other finalists, leaving Washington as the school with the best shot at his services because of Warren's ties to the Pacific Northwest.