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Could Longhorns lead with five-star LB Malik Jefferson after visit?

Feel good. Feel good. Feel good. Feel good.

Malik Jefferson balling at The Opening
Malik Jefferson balling at The Opening
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The Texas Longhorns hosted a big-time visitor over the weekend, as Mesquite Poteet linebacker Malik Jefferson took his planned visit to Austin.

Since the consensus five-star prospect admitted to SB Nation Recruiting back in April that the Texas A&M Aggies had been his leader before he stepped back some from the process, the momentum in his recruitment has seemingly leaned back towards Austin over College Station, as it had early.

Over the last year, Texas has now had three defensive coordinators recruiting Jefferson to the Horns, a fact that has left the current staff scrambling to create a relationship with the nation's No. 11 prospect.

Based on Jefferson's latest trip to Austin, it seems like that's happening and it's huge news for Charlie Strong and company:

Jefferson has been telling people that his visit was a nine out of 10 and given his familiarity with the Texas campus, it wasn't about the facilities, it was just about spending time around the coaching staff.

In total, there were four hours spent by Jefferson and his family in the coaching offices, where the group was "laughing the whole time," the 6-3, 215-pounder told Inside Texas.

Recent dismissals were also a subject of conversation and it wasn't surprising to hear the Jefferson say the right things about them:

I mean, he said players were breaking their core values and that won't last. From my standpoint, I respect it; you have to. Following the rules is just something you've got to do.

In assessing the overall makeup of Jefferson, it's about more than just saying the right things, though -- it's about actually being about the right things. And based there are zero concerns that Jefferson goes about the process of maximizing his significant athletic gifts.

As a result, on the list of recruits who could be concerned about what's happening with all the arrests in College Station against what fans are calling the Purge in Austin, the selling points seem to favor Charlie Strong and the Horns.

There's a growing sense that Texas could be surging in his recruitment with official visits planned to Ohio State, Stanford, and UCLA. The out-of-state schools each have their significant appeals, but if Jefferson's mother plays a role in his decision, he's going to stay in the state of Texas.

Head to head against Texas A&M and Baylor, the prognosis for Texas with Jefferson is finally positive again for the first time since the fall of Mack Brown's regime.

Jefferson has handled the recruiting process with aplomb and a part of that is not giving up much in interviews, so don't expect him to actually name the Horns the leader in advance of his decision in several months.

Reading between the lines, however, presents a a perhaps more definitive view of the situation -- one where the Horns could well end up with his coveted signature in February.