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WATCH: Jordan Pouncey commits to Texas with epic video

“Hook ‘em Horns. Texas here I come!”

It’s become a thing for highly-touted recruits to announce their college choice via video, and new Texas Longhorns receiver Jordan Pouncey turns in a nice effort here:

In the self-directed bit, the 6-2, 185-pound product of Winter Park, Florida starts in the gym, takes a run around Orlando and says goodnight to his family.

The three-star recruit is apparently undecided as he goes to bed the night before National Signing Day.

As he tosses and turns in his sleep, Pouncey dreams of glorious moments of football past from the programs he’s choosing from: Notre Dame, Miami, Tennessee and of course Texas.

The ending says it all -- literally.

“Hook ‘em Horns,” Pouncey says upon waking up. “Texas here I come!”