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WATCH: Texas, UT student produce insane 2018 recruiting rap video

You’ve heard the media praise surrounding Texas’ 2018 class, but have you seen the recruiting rap video?

Twitter: @CoachTomHerman

The Texas Longhorns 2018 class has received plenty of praise for its depth and quality talent. Ariea Bastami, a University of Texas journalism student, took that hype one step further.

Prior to National Signing Day, Bastami recorded a two-minute rap song highlighting the Longhorns 27-man 2018 class and giving shoutouts to each of its incoming recruits in impressive fashion.

The song was nothing short of a success throughout social media with nearly 100,000 views to date, and for good reason.

Along the way, Tom Herman and the ‘Horns took notice and thus, Bastami’s latest work has now been produced into an entire music video.

Herman certainly approved of the finished product, taking to Twitter for the first time since prior to the 2017 football season to promote it:

The Longhorns 2018 class, which was Herman’s first full class in Austin, finished ranked No. 3 nationally and No. 1 in the Big 12, featuring a pair of five-star prospects in Caden Sterns and BJ Foster, as well as 17 four-star recruits.

Bastami’s work can be found on his Twitter profile @Ariea_Bastami.