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Texas Longhorns legends Vince Young, Ricky Williams face off in kickball showdown

Former 'Horns head to the playground for all the bragging rights.

It's been a long time since Vince Young and Ricky Williams starred for the Texas Longhorns, but both got an early start on their head coaching careers thanks to a high-stakes kickball tournament.

In the above Longhorn Network video, watch as "Team Ricky" and "Team VR" face off on the field.

"We're out here supporting the kids," Young says. "I would do anything for our community, and so we came out and had a good time."

Williams echoed the sentiment.

"One of the things the world could use is coaches, or mentors," he says. "I consider myself someone who's mastered a sport, so I have a lot of wisdom to share with the kids. That's just as important as running around bases."

LHN anchor Lowell Galindo handled play by play for the game, not over the radio, but over a PA system like in a kids' movie. He even interviews the head coaches for all to hear. Check out the vid to see who won.


Team Ricky dominated Team VY by the score of 18-5. Williams was feeling great after the victory.

"I'm usually an average to good player, and I think today I was great," Williams says.

Gavin Kirsch, a member of team VR, has perhaps the best quote of the clip.

"When Ricky hit those home runs, I'd say that was pretty sick. He just, like, jacked one right over there."

Young was gracious in accepting defeat.

"We didn't have a good outcome, but we had fun," Young says. "When you've got a guy with the name of Ricky Williams and one of his legs looks like a tree trunk, and he can kick the ball a mile away, it's tough. But overall I really felt like the kids had a good time laughing and joking. That's what it's all about."