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WATCH: How much will the Big 12 title game help the conference?

The Big 12 says it will help its playoff chances, but that may not be the case.

The debate over whether or not the Big 12 needs a conference title game has raged on for years, and won't stop now that the game is coming back. Campus Insiders already has a video out on this very topic, which you can watch above. The impending championship game will be the first for the Big 12 since 2010.

The idea is that it will increase the conference's chances at making the College Football Playoff -- not to mention the extra cash -- but Campus Insiders' Pete Fiutak isn't buying it.

"I like the One True Champion idea, because if you go 11-1 right now as the Big 12 champion, or if you go 12-0, you're in no matter what," he says.

Fiutak also doubts there will ever be five undefeated Power 5 conference champions in the same season, and not even five with only one loss.

"When you have a Big 12 championship game, or a championship game in any conference, you're inviting the fluke factor."

The previous Big 12 title game caused headache after headache for the conference, but times have changed and the powers that be have decided it's worth the risk. The other big factor for a title game is the money, and there's no doubt the Big 12 will make more with the championship game.

Fiutak says there's no catching the Big 10 and SEC in the revenue department, but the contest will definitely generate more money for the Big 12. The conference remains way ahead of the G5 conferences in revenue, and that gap will only widen with the new title game.