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Former Texas Longhorns RB Ricky Williams took ‘at least 500 drug tests’ in the NFL

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Heisman Trophy winner talks drug issues in new SI documentary.

Former Texas Longhorns and NFL great Ricky Williams is the subject of a new documentary from Sports Illustrated Films that focuses on his relationship with marijuana. The film is cleverly titled "Ricky Williams Takes the High Road," and in a new clip he shares just how difficult it was to stay on that road in the League.

"I think I might have the world record for most times drug tested," Williams says. "At least 500 drug tests."

His wife, Kristin Williams, says the drug testers visited so often that some were like family members.

Williams also claims her husband easily could have avoided a four-month suspension due to the careless nature of one of the tests. She says two samples were left on a counter for 45 minutes before the tester came back to retrieve them. Ricky had the opportunity to switch them out, but "Ricky’s an honest person. That thought never entered his mind I don’t think."

And while Ricky Williams never shed his green image, he says he appreciates his suspensions from the NFL.

"It was the first step to letting go of the image and starting to find more who I was underneath the image."

You can watch the full clip up top.