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WATCH: First look at SI Films feature 'Ricky Williams Takes the High Road'

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Yes, the title is a pun.

Sports Illustrated

Though his playing career is fading further and further into the past, former Texas Longhorns star Ricky Williams remains a fascinating figure off the field. The latest effort to document the legend that is Williams debuts July 13 and comes courtesy of SI Films. The title is "Ricky Williams Takes the High Road."

The documentary will be available at and takes aim at Williams' most famous hobby -- marijuana advocate. The site's Greg Bishop will also have a written piece on the subject.

According to SI, the film is "the first in-depth look into the world of Williams today as he discusses everything from his personal experience in the NFL drug testing protocol to the anguish he felt as his image was tarnished, to the perception and prevalence of marijuana in the NFL today and its potential as a medicinal tool."

Williams has taken his marijuana love a step further and is now an entrepreneur in the cannabis industry as it moves further into the mainstream. In the documentary, Williams attends the "Spannabis" world cannabis conference in Barcelona and tours an indoor cannabis growing operation in Arizona.

As always, Williams continues doing his part for the Keep Austin Weird movement.